All accommodation bookings can be booked through the LOC (Lagoda Disc golf) who are partnered with the Tourist Agency DMK Vall 042 in producing this part of the event.
Bookings through the LOC are not mandatory but we are confident that the official accommodation option will provide a fun, inclusive and value added experience for all players.
A discount to player fees will be available to anyone using the official event accommodation and bookings it through the LOC, since some venue costs are subsidized by the partnership formed with the Tourist Agency.

The main WTDGC official accommodation will be student dorm located a 10 minute walk to both courses. The dorm was built in 2017 and offer modern rooms with full facilities such as elevators, multiple small kitchens, laundry, bathrooms in each room, parking and common areas for players to gather after a day out on the course to share their stories.
Study rooms, several on each floor, will be available to teams to use for team meetings.
There is a restaurant attached to the dorm where meals will be served for those who pre-purchase the meal plan.

Accommodation at the dorm is available at the following rates:
- €30 / US$ 34 per person / per night in a triple room (3 beds) inclusive of breakfast
- €35 / US$ 40 per person / per night in a twin room (2 beds) inclusive of breakfast
- €42 / US$ 47 for a single use of a room, inclusive of breakfast

In addition to the student dorm, a higher level of accommodation will be offered to teams or players who prefer a little more luxury. The Boutique Hotel Park and Turist Hotel will be made available through the LOC too. Hotels will average €60-70 / US$ 68-80 per person / per night for Bed and Breakfast in a 2 person shared room. Please remember to book through the LOC for your hotel booking to ensure the discounted event fees are applied.

For bookings and additional info please send us e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.