Format - early info

All WFDF member National Federations are invited to participate in WTDGC, as are their national Disc Golf Associations. It is a requirement that players hold current PDGA membership and have passed the Officials Test.

WFDF World Ranking Points will be awarded to every team that attends with bonus points available the higher up the event table a team finishes.

Each team will be allocated 5 World Ranking Points for participation.
Points shall also be awarded for finishing places at WTDGC - Each place shall be awarded 3 x the number of teams who attend the event. For example if there were 12 teams then first place would be awarded 12 x 3, second place 11 x 3 etc.

The format of the event will be confirmed once teams have registered.

There is a revised team structure from the last World Team Disc Golf Championships. The event will remain with teams of 6 but has changed to be made up of 3 x MPO, 2 x FPO and 1 x MPM/FP40. Teams may register and bring a maximum of 12 players allowing for substitutes between divisions.

Whilst WFDF wishes to continue its support of Junior players worldwide, the current economic and covid climates makes it difficult to include junior players at this time.

The competition format will follow previous WTDGC events with a combination of Doubles and Singles Matchplay rounds played against the equivalent seeds from competing teams.

For the first time at an International Disc Golf event, WFDF will be introducing a Spirit of the Game (SOTG) award. This will involve all players and all teams voting in four (4) categories for their opponents. Categories are: Rules and Knowledge, Fair Mindedness, Positive Attitude and Self Control and Communication.

Further details on format will be given once teams have registered and after the fee payment deadline.

WFDF recognises that some countries will want to enter the event but may not be able to put a full team together for many reasons. We want to encourage as many teams and players as possible from around the world to attend the event and are committed to the principles of inclusion.

Each team can substitute an athlete in the MP40 and FPO divisions with any player who does not have a PDGA Rating above the 75th centile in the top quadrant of the division that they are replacing.

Guidance on specific ratings for 2022 will be given as member countries apply for dispensation. Application for dispensation must be made in writing at the time of player fee payment.

We encourage each and every team to make specific enquiries about obtaining a visa to enter Croatia and to inform yourselves about any Covid-19 related restrictions. You are responsible for obtaining the correct paperwork to visit Croatia to compete at WTDGC 2022. Any and all costs associated with travel, visas and border entries are the full responsibility of the player.

Current information on the conditions of entry into the Republic of Croatia can be found here in several world languages.

Please note that we can not provide specific advice on the process, but we do strongly recommend that you get started as soon as possible.