Registered teams

Following the constant growth of disc golf globally and also success of the past WTDGC events, the 4th World Team Disc Golf Championships will see record number of nations competing for medals, but also for points that will affect their WFDF Disc Golf World Rankings.

During the registration stage, it seemed that organizers might even “have a problem” with too many teams wanting to join the event (the opinion is that 32 teams is the limit to compete on two available courses), but unfortunately Bulgaria, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Norway and Singapore, were unable to form a team, or they had to pull out of the event for other reasons.

With that in mind we are looking forward to the 4th WTDGC where multiple nations will compete for the first time, and we expect that this meet up of the disc golf world will be a great opportunity for disc golfers to connect and make new friendships, but also a big push for future editions of this event where it is very likely new procedures will be needed to fit all teams that will want to take part.

List of registered nations, according to the World rankings, can be found in a graphic below, while additional info on all teams can be found below it, in the second part of this webpage.
In addition to the list below, you can also look at the PDGA event page.

teams world ranking
WFDF’s World disc golf rankings combine PDGA Ratings and placement at WFDF’s Team disc golf events. For the PDGA ratings side, players whose ratings count are, for Males: Top 3 x MPO, 1 x MP40 , 1 X Junior and for Females: Top 3 x FPO. For Team disc golf events side, points from WTDGC events and any Continental or Regional events are considered.
World Rankings will be revised on March 1st and September 1st of each year.
Read more about World rankings at the WFDF website where you can also find detailed table for all criteria that affectd rankings.

Teams registered for the event are:
Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and United States of America.

Basic info on teams (in the alphabetical order)



Australian disc golf team has previously competed at 1st and 3rd WTDGC.

At the 1st WTDGC they took 5th place while in Estonia in 2019 they took 16th place.

Australia currently holds 13th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Chris Hill
Team manager Ken Summers
Team members

Gina Hill #165309, FPO
Sarah Lee #165310, FPO
Sue Summers #77086, FPO, FP40
Aaron Moreton #62058, MPO
Chris Hill #80785, MPO
Darren Stace-Smith #92242, MPO
David Perry #116692, MPO
Luke Bayne #166771, MPO
Christopher Finn #37970, MP40
Jonathan Jonas #36449, MP40
Paul Noesen #24666, MP40

Facebook The Australian Disc Golf Team, @adgteamaustralia - Australian Disc Golf, @AustralianDiscGolf
Instagram Australian Disc Golf, @ausdiscgolf



Austrian disc golf team has previously competed at 3rd WTDGC where they took 4th place, after loosing a semi-final match against Germany.

At the 1st European Team DGC played in 2021 in Croatia Austria become the first continental Champion.

Austria currently holds 9th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Laura Posch
Team members

Laura Posch #116926, FPO
Lea Schadenhofer #101036, FPO
Sophie Bretschko #151264, FPO
Florian Lingenhel #77589, MPO
Leon Sonnleitner #81120, MPO
Lucian Dutzi #116524, MPO
Robin Binder #67693, MPO
Otfried Derschmidt #34710, MP40
Wolfgang Aichinger #71670, MP40

Facebook Austrian Disc Golf Association, @DiscgolfAustria
Instagram Austrian Disc Golf, @disc_golf_austria



Canadian disc golf team has competed at all past WTDGC events. At the first event, played in Canada, they finished up as fourth. Redemption came a year later when Canada took the World title after winning the final match against Finland. At the third WTDGC Canada took 8th place.

Canada currently holds 2nd place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Craig Sheather
Team members

Aleesha Bird #68644, FPO
Colleen McInnes #78677, FPO
Kristy Lee #75818, FPO
Casey Hanemayer #67314, MPO
Duncan Schulz #69075, MPO
Hector Diakow #27060, MPO
Justin Da Silva #69073, MPO
Stewart McIsack #73512, MPO
Chris Hartmann #60726, MP40
Craig Sheather #17957, MP40
David Ross #7190, MP40

Website Canadian Disc Golf Association
Facebook Canadian Disc Golf Association, @candiscgolf
Instagram Canadian Disc Golf Association, @candiscgolf



Colombia did not yet compete at the WTDGC.

Colombia currently holds 31st place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Maria Fernanda Buitrago
Team members

Laura Tatiana Niño Carranza #223975, FPO
Maria Fernanda Buitrago #189790, FPO
Juan Sebastian Araque #18983, MPO
Martin Ortiz #192426, MPO
Mauricio Otálvaro C. #189812, MPO
Nicolas Restrepo #80353, MP40

Facebook Selección Colombia Disc Golf
Instagram Selección Colombia Disc Golf, @colombia_discgolf



Croatian team has competed at WTDGC since second edition. In 2017 they took 10th place while in 2019 Croats took 15th place.

Team Croatia has also competed at the 1st European Team DGC where they took bronze medal.

Croatia currently holds 14th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Tomislav Gorički
Team members

Ana Gorički #99333, FPO
Danica Pajtak #62432, FPO
Ira Molnar Gorički #69639, FPO
Aki Vucković #62431, MPO
Bato Sudžuković #81081, MPO
Marko Marčec #82828, MPO
Nino Đurak #66496, MPO
Vjeran Tuhtan #98001, MPO
Mario Mesarić #81111, MP40
Radule Mikić #62426, MP40
Tomislav Gorički #69640, MP40

Website Hrvatski Flying Disc Savez - Croatian Flying Disc Federation
Facebook Team Croatia on WTDGC, @TeamCroatiaOnWTDGC
Instagram Disc Golf Croatia, @croatiadiscgolf

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech team compete at WTDGC 2017 and took the 5th place. Two years later, in a much stronger field and with more nations present Czech players once again performed good and took another 5th place for their country.

Czech Republic currently holds 8th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Jan Studnička
Team members

Eliška Bártková #86224, FPO
Martina Vajdová #99740, FPO
Nikola Moravcová #125069, FPO
Jakub Vesely #102611, MPO
Matěj Vojtík #64867, MPO
Petr Mrázek #114642, MPO
Petr Striegler #89634, MPO
Lukas Filandr #37150, MP40
Marek Šrom #100772, MP40

Website Česká Asociace DiscGolfu
Facebook Česká Asociace DiscGolfu, @CADGCZ
Instagram Česká discgolfová reprezentace, @ceskadiscgolfovareprezentace



Estonia joined WTDGC for the first time in 2017 and took the 4th place. They have hosted the 3rd edition of WTDGC in 2019 where they managed to enter semifinals, lose against Finland who went on to become World Champion, but then won against Austria to earn themself a bronze medal.

Estonia currently holds 3rd place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Siim Ühtid
Team members

Anneli Tõugjas #85484, FPO
Kaidi Allsalu #84279, FPO
Kristi Unt #116694, FPO
Mathias Villota #103114, MPO
Mauri Villmann #107197, MPO
Henar Ruudna #93817, MPO
Rasmus Metsamaa #92779, MPO
Kristjan Solodov #75638, MP40
Marko Narits #63170, MP40

Website Eesti Discgolfi Liit - Estonian Disc Golf Association
Facebook Eesti Discgolfi Liit, @eestidiscgolfiliit
Instagram Eesti Discgolfi Liit, @eestidiscgolfiliit



Team Finland joined WTDGC for the first time at the 2017 event where they took second place after losing a thrilling finals match against Canada. In 2019, played in Estonia, Finland become World Champion after defeating Germany in the final match of the event.

Finland currently holds 1st place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Tapani Aulu
Team members

Justine Bitka #95988, FPO
Kirsi Kaikkonen #91275, FPO
Emilia Kallio #157245, FPO
Daniel Davidsson #76456, MPO
Kristian Kuoksa #107078, MPO
Samuel Stenman #74978, MPO
Tero Jaatinen #83865, MPO
Heikki Saunanen #43496, MP40
Sami Mäkipörhölä #71979, MP40
Tapani Aulu #44389, MP40

Website Suomen frisbeegolfliitto - Finnish Disc Golf Association
Facebook Disc Golf Team Finland, @discgolfteamfinland
Instagram Suomen frisbeegolfliitto, @frisbeegolfliitto



French team joined WTDGC for the first time at the event played in 2017 where they took 7th place. At the WTDGC 2019 France finished 6th, improving their 2017 finish by one place.

At the 1st European Team DGC played in 2021 France finished as 4th.

France currently holds 10th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Pierril Rémésy
Team members

Isabelle Quenaudon #102855, FPO
Loralie Lanneluc #129367, FPO
Lucie Dal #154083, FPO
Dorian Legendre #63655, MPO
Nathan Lanneluc #129368, MPO
Fred Keiflin #93622, MP40
Johan Renaudier #105676, MP40
Pierril Remesy #19733, MP40

Website Fédération Française de Flying Disc - French Flying Disc Federation
Facebook France Disc Golf, @FranceDiscGolf
Instagram Fédération Française de Flying Disc, @ffflyingdisc



First time Germany competed at the WTDGC was in 2019 when they lost to Finland in finals and took the silver medal.

Germany currently holds 5th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Wolfgang Kraus
Team members

Ann-Katrin Semert #89846, FPO
Martje Sumowski #222973, FPO
Wiebke Jahn #70414, FPO
Benedikt Heiß #62922, MPO
Dominik Stampfer #35089, MPO
Kevin Konsorr #47163, MPO
Christoph Weiß #114954, MPO
Lucca Seipenbusch #85026, MP40
Jörg Eberts #35078, MP40
Wolfgang Kraus #50396, MP40

Website Deutscher Frisbeesport-Verband - German Flying Disc Federation
Facebook Deutscher Frisbeesport-Verband, @Frisbeesportverband
Instagram Deutscher Frisbeesport-Verband, @frisbeesportverband

Great Britain

Great Britain

Great Britain was hosting 2nd WTDGC where they took 6th place. At the 3rd WTDGC in 2019 they ended up as 10th.

Great Britain has also competed at 1st European Team DGC played in 2021 where they won silver medal.

Great Britain currently holds 7th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain James Luton
Team members

Bella Tait #162697, FPO
Natalie Elkyn #184608, FPO
Catherine Leigh Williams #175338, FPO
James Luton #8856, MPO
Josh Birmingham #116913, MPO
Matt Parslow #142539, MPO
Noah Smithson #111132, MPO
Gareth Jones #80633, MP40
Iain McDougall #17038, MP40

Website British Disc Golf Association
Facebook British Disc Golf Association, @britishdiscgolf
Instagram British Disc Golf Association, @british_disc_golf_association



This will be first time Hungary competes at WTDGC.

Hungary currently holds 37th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Bálint Kazai
Team members

Aliz Csepeli #80064, FPO
Áron Bognár #197311, MPO
Bálint Kazai #53822, MPO
David Almasi #176847, MPO
Erich Altoray #8580, MP40
János Kazai #53821, MP40
Péter Török #81160, MP40

Website Disc Golf Magyarország
Facebook Facebook group -



This will be first time Ireland competes at WTDGC.

Ireland currently holds 36th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Chris Millar
Team members Rachel Kane #187942, FPO
Sarah Newell #177774, FPO
Ben Matthews #146880, MPO
Chris Millar #111810, MPO
Patrick McGeough #176105, MPO
Sean Craig #137639, MPO
Website All-Ireland Disc Golf Association
Facebook All-Ireland Disc Golf Association
Instagram All-Ireland Disc Golf Association, @discgolf_ireland



This will be first time Italy competes at WTDGC.

Italy currently holds 33rd place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Riccardo Scroffernecher
Team members

Elisabetta Tosi #218281, FPO
Maria Rosa Barresi #137203, FPO
Andrea Chimirri #154342, MPO
Andrea Festi, MPO
Edoardo Turri #206160, MPO
Marco Codeghini #157345, MPO
Riccardo Scroffernecher #125537, MPO
Fabrizio Tornaghi #137410, MP40
Ivan Pozzoli #145708, MP40

Website Federazione Italiana Flying Disc-Frisbee - Italian Flying Disc-Frisbee Association
Facebook FIFD - Federazione Italiana Flying Disc - Frisbee, @fifdfrisbee
Instagram FederazioneItalianaFlyingDisc, @fifd_italia



For the first time Latvia competed at WTDGC in 2019 where they took 13th place.

Latvia currently holds 17th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Vitālijs Ribakovs
Team members

Baiba Kevere #171857, FPO
Elizabete Pēkšena #202571, FPO
Edgars Saulītis #161625, MPO
Jurijs Siņkevičs #98583, MPO
Vitālijs Ribakovs #183895, MPO
Dainis Ruks #84099, MP40

Website Latvijas Disku golfa federācija - Latvian Disc Golf Federation
Facebook Latvijas Disku golfa federācija, @ldgfederacija
Instagram Latvijas Disku golfa federācija, @latvijasdiskugolfafederacija



For the first time Lithuania competed at WTDGC in 2019 where they took 11th place.

Lithuania currently holds 16th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Gabrielius Gricius
Team members

Mireta Jurgelevičiūtė #76331, FPO
Oksana Žukauskienė #133493, FPO
Svetlana Kobec #114414, FPO
Gabrielius Gricius #41934, MPO
Gintautas Savukynas #101633, MPO
Laurynas Rimavičius #150008, MPO
Linas Strelkauskas #83507, MPO
Darius Gricius #41932, MP40
Miroslavas Jurgelevičius #76330, MP40

Website Lietuvos diskgolfo federacija - Lithuanian Disc Golf Federation

the Netherlands

the Netherlands

This will be first time the Netherlands competes at WTDGC.

The Netherlands currently holds 24th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Rienk Kan
Team members

Fleur Verberk #214417, FPO
Hilde Goorhorst #185583, FPO
Laura Nagtegaal #44969, FPO
Frank de Vries #101409, MPO
Rienk Kan #89184, MPO
Robbert Heek #148183, MPO
Sander Bahnerth #29215, MPO
Rene Westenberg #28824, MP40

Website Nederlandse Frisbee Bond
Facebook Nederlandse Frisbee Bond, @NederlandseFrisbeeBond
Instagram Nederlandse Frisbee Bond, @nederlandsefrisbeebon



This will be first time Portugal competes at WTDGC.

Portugal currently holds 43rd place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Bruno Gravato
Team members

Carla Lourenço, FPO / F40
Sofia Pereira #128365, FPO / FP40
Bruno Gravato #95307, MPO / MP40
Dinis Figueiredo, MPO / MP40
Jorge Pedro, MPO / MP40
Mike Palmer #105934, MPO / MP40
Patrick van der Valk #128364, MPO / MP40

Website Associação Portuguesa de Ultimate e Desportos de Disco - Portugese Ultimate and Discs sports Association
Facebook APUDD - Associação Portuguesa de Ultimate e Desportos de Disco, @Ass.Port.Ultimate.Desportos.Disco
Instagram APUDD - Associação Portuguesa de Ultimate e Desportos de Disco, @apuddisco



This will be first time Serbia competes at WTDGC.

Serbia currently holds 35th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Milan Todorović
Team members

Jasmina Nikolic #128053, FPO
Tijana Šotic #89685, FPO
Aleksandar Rutic #106613, MPO
Stefan Ignjatovic #176013, MPO
Toma Djordjevic #103674, MPO
Aleksandar Jankovic #117407, MP40
Aleksandar Micakovic #127296, MP40
Milan Todorovic #87739, MP40
Mrgud Pajko #101364, MP40
Nenad Nikolic #119612, MP40
Predrag Nikolic #119611, MP40
Veselin Neskovic #103567, MP40

Website Frizbi Golf Srbija - Disc Golf Serbia
Facebook Frizbi Golf Srbija - Disc Golf Serbia, @frizbigolfsrbija
Instagram Serbian Disc Golf community, @discgolfserbia



Slovakia competed at the WTDGC 2017 where they took 9th place. Two years later, at WTDGC 2019, they took 7th place.

Slovakia currently holds 12th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Karol Hrubják
Team members

Beáta Feilhauerová #70915, FPO
Natália Nádaská #107508, FPO
Soňa Kúdelová #70837, FPO
Karol Hrubják #91519, MPO
Marko Cacala #90203, MPO
Michal Kúdela #68577, MPO
Štefan Pócoš #95437, MPO
Tomáš Mozola #103693, MPO
Jozef Čierny #210104, MPO40
Martin Kricka #63190, MPO40
Martin Mozola #89209, MPO40

Website Slovenská asociácia Frisbee - Slovakian Frisbee Association
Facebook Disc Golf SlovakiaSlovakia Disc Golf National Team, @slovakiadiscgolf
Instagram Slovak National Disc Golf Team, @slovakdiscgolfteam



This will be first time Slovenia competes at WTDGC.

Slovenia currently holds 29th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Boštjan Babič
Team members

Andreja Bernjak #109239, FPO
Mojca Bernjak #126201, FPO
Barbara Poljšak #134661, FPO
Andrej Gerbec #87292, MPO
Anze Mlakar #139782, MPO
Blaz Petrovic #163272, MPO
Bostjan Babic #63294, MPO
Jan Križmanič, MPO
Svit Savnik #83880, MPO
Zack Bevelacqua #105654, MPO
Marijan Krištofic #127596, MP40
Tilen Poljšak #143815, MP40

Website Disk Golf Slovenija
Facebook Disk Golf Slovenija, @Diskgolfslovenija



Spain joined WTDGC 2019 where they took 12th place.

At the 1st European Team DGC Spain took 5th place.

Spain currently holds 14th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Federico José Sörenson Sánchez
Team members

Ana María Álvarez Menendez #119610, FPO
Carla Martín López #159812, FPO
Federico José Sörenson Sánchez #109371, MPO
Jorge Berástegui-Sampedro #101285, MPO
León Blanco #74135, MPO
Xavier Aguilar Velez #148179, MPO
Iván Gutiérrez de Terán #60648, MP40
Manuel Angel Almeida Posada #77464, MP40

Website Federación Española de Disco Volador - Spanish Flying Disc Federation
Facebook Federación Española de Disco Volador, @FEDiscoVolador
Instagram Federación Española de Disco Volador, @fedv_oficial



This will be first time Switzerland competes at WTDGC.

Switzerland currently holds 21st place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Emile Barbe
Team members

Martina Kammermann #129139, FPO
Tina Hemm #189404, FPO
Emile Barbe #57366, MPO
Jonas Biniok #130377, MPO
Oliver Baumgartner #151914, MPO
Lukas Schär #35215, MPO
Martin Zürcher #129555, MP40
Tinu Schär #14947, MP40

Website Schweizer Disc Golf Verband - Swiss Disc Golf Federation
Facebook Swiss Disc Golf Team, @SwissDiscGolfTeam
Instagram Swiss Disc Golf Team, @swissdiscgolfteam



This will be first time Ukraine competes at WTDGC.

Ukraine currently holds 30th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Bohdan Aleksieiev
Team members

Alla Krupelnytska #120757, FPO
Laura Karbunar #182769, FPO
Bohdan Aleksieiev #99167, MPO
Mykola Korsai #138612, MPO
Oleg Masovets #111002, MPO
Oleksandr Karbunar #125077, MP40

Facebook Not available

United States of America


Team USA has competed at all WTDGC events since. At the inaugural edition, played in 2016 in Canada they become World Champions. At the 2nd WTDGC, played in 2017, they took 8th place, while at 3rd WTDGC, played in 2019, Team USA has finished as 14th.
PDGA USA has taken charge of the Team for 2022 with the goal to form a team that will be looking to bring a Gold to the World's larges disc golf country.

USA currently holds 4th place in the WFDF World rankings.

Team captain Sabrina Williams
Team members

Sabrina Williams #166302, FPO
Dana Lit #115856, FPO
Finlay Buchanan #55953, MPO
Billy Lund #24379, MP40
Chris Villa #58197, MP40
Kevin Gleason #19195, MP40

Facebook Team USA Disc Golf