Information that can be found below is from December 2021. We will leave it online, so that you can read through it if needed.

Registration of teams will be done in a few stages, and first step is pre-registration until January 15th so that WFDF and the LOC know the amount of teams and the size of event to expect and plan for.

Team and player fees will be due with a commitment as to the amount of players your team will send to WTDGC only at March 31st and teams will at that time be invoiced accordingly.

• Team Registration - Saturday 15th January
To pre-register your team please click here

• Team and Player fees due - Thursday 31st March

We have set the deadlines on payment dates so that you can commit to attending without having to pay before we can totally confirm that the event will take place. Once the event has been confirmed - which may be before January 15th, 2022. In these complex times we hope that this is a helpful strategy and will avoid unnecessary payments and refunds.

The fees are currently estimated and will be firmed up after team registration closes on the 15th of January, 2022 based on the final number of teams attending WTDGC.

A discount to player fees will be available to anyone using the official event accommodation making bookings through the LOC as significant venue costs are subsidized by the partnership formed with the Tourist Agency.

Team fee will be USD $250 per team.

Players fees will be $125 per player or discounted to $100 per player for those who book through the LOC for official WTDGC accommodation.

Should registrations not meet the critical mass to operate the event, WFDF reserves the right to make adjustments to the fees. Any necessary changes will be communicated clearly to teams giving you the right to opt in or out of the event.

All payments are to be made online and are in the US currency dollars (USD$). Bank and transaction fees are at the cost of the payer. The team and players fees are refundable but only within the conditions set out below. WFDF will invoice teams for all monies due.

In the case that the event needs to be postponed or cancelled due to reasons continuing from effects of the pandemic or for any other reason, the WFDF agrees to transfer all unspent funds back to teams. WFDF will work with the LOC to maintain a monthly spending budget based on necessary payments as they arise and will provide to the LOC cash flow in monthly installments per the budget.

The WFDF Covid-19 Working Group (C19WG) will continue to monitor the impact and effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and will work with the LOC to follow the advice and recommendations from International health and safety authorities for travel to and from Croatia. A representative from the C19WG will meet with the LOC each month to determine if any new information presents itself that would warrant an event cancellation and will report back monthly to registered teams.

Should the event need to be cancelled, the following cancellation terms will apply to all event fee payments:

• Cancellation announced 1 April - 30 April; 80% of event fees collected will be refunded.
• Cancellation announced 1 May - 31 May; 60% of event fees collected will be refunded.
• Cancellation announced 1 June - 30 June; 40% of event fees collected will be refunded.
• Cancellation announced 1 July - 31 July; 20% of event fees collected will be refunded.