The event will be played on two 18-hole courses that will be set up just for this event and with layout designed in a way to be suitable for this event and match play disc golf.
Each of two courses will have two 9-hole circuits that will be used for competition in Round 1.

Both courses will be located at the same area, in the forest and river banks around sports hall Arena Varaždin.

From this page you can download course maps and tee signs as PDF files.
At the moment, available for download are coure maps and tee signs for Round 1, e.g. courses A1, A2, B1 and B2.

Course A1, hole 7 was slightly modified compared to the map posted on August 13th - a mandatory was added for the safety purpose.

For round 2, top 16 teams will play only on Course A that will combine courses A1 and A2 but order of holes will be modified.
Teams who do not progress to top 16 will play in Pools E and F on the course B that will combine B1 and B2, in the same order as played in round one (B2 hole 1 will be hole 10 for course B).

We will upload maps for Round 2 (18-hole course A and B) by Monday.

Most forest holes are technical with narrow fariways, low ceeling and similar challenges set for players so pure distance on the map will not give you a good perspective of how to play it.

You can see the area that will be used for the event at the YouTube coverage of the:
• PDGA Europe EuroTour 2022 - Pro Forester, by MDG Media (multiple videos - 3 rounds of MPO and FPO)
Drava Forester 2019, by the Disc Golf Guy (Round 3 for MPO, 6-hole finals for MPO and FPO)